Monday, October 19, 2009

Party Platforms Assignment-Due Monday 10/26

Pick an issue that you care about and in two paragraphs explain the stance of the Democrat party platform and the Republican party platform. Here's a link to each of the 2008 platforms. Note, some of the issues we've talked about in class may not be in the platform so be prepared to switch issues.

This assignment is due Monday 10/26 and is worth Daily points.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

HW for Linkage Institutions

The following are due on these dates:

Friday 10/15-Quiz on pg. 12 and 13 of your packet. I recommend highlighting and taking notes from the pages

Monday 10/18-Complete pg. 18 of your packet INDEPENDENTLY. Actually putting your brain through the process of answering these questions is important for the AP exam.

Friday 10/22-Complete a current event paragraph dealing with Linkage Institutions. Must relate, use 5 vocabulary terms, and share your opinion.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Court Cases for Test CR and CL Test

Cases are in chronological order WITHIN categories. Make sure you understand the chronology and the meaning of the case. Chunk them together to remember them.


Marbury v. Madison
Mccullough v. Maryland
Gibbons v. Ogden

Selective Incorporation
Barron v. Baltimore
Gitlow v. NY-Free Speech

Free Speech
WV v. Barnette

Clear and Present Danger
Schenk v. US

Roth v. US
Miller v. California
Reno v. ACLU

Prior Restraint
Near v. Minnesota
NY Times v. US
Hazelwood SD v. Kuhlmeier

NY Times v. Sullivan

Symbolic Speech
Skokie v. NAZI's (and assembly)
Tinker v. Des Moines
US v. Obrien
Texas v. Johnson

Establishment Clause
Engel v. Vitale
Lemon v. Kurtzman
Wallace v. Jaffree
Welsh v. US
Lee v. Weisman
Sante Fe ISD v. Doe
Elk Grove v. Newdow

Free Exercise Clause
Wisconsin v. Yoder
City of Boerne v. Flores
Employment Division of Oregon v. Smith

Search and Seizure

Exclusionary Rule
Weeks v. US
Wolf v. Colorado
Mapp v. Ohio-Incorporation
Terry v. Ohio
Leon v. US

5th Amendment-Self Incrimination
Miranda v. Arizone

6th Amendment-Right to Counsel
Gideon v. Wainwright
Escobedo v. Illinois

8th Amendment-Death Penalty
Furman v. Georgia
Gregg v. Georgia
Roper v. Simmons

Right to Privacy
Griswold v. Connecticutt
Roe v. Wade
Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
Planned Parenthood v. Casey

14th Amendment

Race History
Dred Scott v. Sanford
Plesey v. Ferguson
Brown v. Board of Education
Heart of Atlanta Motel v. US
Swann v. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Shaw v. Reno

Reed v. Reed
Craig v. Boren

Bowers v. Hardwick
Lawrence v. Texas

Korematsu v. US

PGA Tour v. Martin

Massachusetts Board of Retirement v. Murgia

Affirmative Action
Regents of UC v. Bakke
Aderand Contractors v. Pena
Gratz v. Bollinger

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Civil Rights and Liberties Assignment-Due Friday October. 9th

Daily Grade-Worth 40 Points

Every unit we will have a homework assignment where we will make linkages between the unit we are covering and current events.

Our current unit is on civil rights and civil liberties

What to do:

1. Pick and read a current event relating to this unit.

2. Type up a response to the event that BRIEFLY (5 sentences max): explains how the article relates to this unit, uses at least five terms or court cases from the current unit and explains your opinion on the issue.

3. Print the response and the article, staple the article to the back and turn it in by Wednesday September 23rd.