Sunday, October 4, 2009

Civil Rights and Liberties Assignment-Due Friday October. 9th

Daily Grade-Worth 40 Points

Every unit we will have a homework assignment where we will make linkages between the unit we are covering and current events.

Our current unit is on civil rights and civil liberties

What to do:

1. Pick and read a current event relating to this unit.

2. Type up a response to the event that BRIEFLY (5 sentences max): explains how the article relates to this unit, uses at least five terms or court cases from the current unit and explains your opinion on the issue.

3. Print the response and the article, staple the article to the back and turn it in by Wednesday September 23rd.


  1. Why does it say it's due September 23rd.

  2. mr. leagans, i forgot to turn it in on fri, will you still accept it on monday? im sorry, i've been a confused boy the whole last week..