Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Campaign Project
(100 pt.  available)
You will select a candidate from a competitive Senate (or House race if you so choose) race.  You will research on your own campaigns (or ask me for one) and get approval from me for a specific candidate and campaign. 
10% of all projects will come from correctly “picking” elections.  5% for correctly picking the presidential election and 5% for getting your campaign right. 
Included in the presentation will be the following:
10% Biographical Information
30% Significant Policy Proposals/ Legislative Record
20% Major Donors and Interest Group Support
20% Polling Data through mid-October
10% Bibliography
Normally I’ve given resources but honestly, we’re in the age of google.  Find, cite and list all sources in a bibliography at the end of your powerpoint.
Option two:
Pick a campaign/candidate (even Presidential).  Create an ad that is 30-60 seconds long.   Ad can either be positive or negative, must have factual information included and involve some policy.  Production values will be the deciding factor in the grade (music, video quality, effective message).
Option 3-
If you have an idea for an alternative presentation (Powerpoint) on some governmental topic I am open to different suggestions and will work with you individually upon request to outline a rubric for your idea.  Projects of interest would be ones that give insight into issues that facts are very murky.
Campaign back and forth


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